How It Works?

If you are looking for a parking spot?

1. Download this app

Download Snapark App on your mobile phone & Sign up. It’s free & easy.

2. Find a spot

Search & Compare all available parking options in real time.

3. Book

Reserve your spot & pay before you reach your destination to guarantee it’s yours.

4. Drive

Navigate to the parking space. No more driving in circles. No more stress.

5. Park your car

Park smarter & save your time. No More parking nightmares.

How It Works?

If you want to rent out your parking?

1. Download the app

Download Snapark App on your mobile phone & Sign up. It’s free & easy.

2. Share your parking space

List your parking space, driveway, ِِِAdd a photo and a quick description.

3. Easily manage rate and availability

Choose the price and specify your space’s availability.

4. Get paid

Just sit back and start making extra income without extra work.

The only thing worse

than city traffic is parking

Cars driving into, out of and circling around looking for parking spaces generate greenhouse gases…lots of them. A kilometer driven inside a parking facility is much more fuel inefficient and produces much more greenhouse gas than driving a kilometer at regular, roadway speeds. Consider how many kilometers a billion cars might drive in parking facilities each day.

Traffic Jams

Between 8% and 74% of traffic in congested areas is caused by drivers cruising for parking.

Wasted Time & Miles

Drivers spend an average of 4 days a year looking for parking spots.

Energy Consumption

Transport Uses 25 Percent of World Energy.

Air Pollution

409.02 parts per million (ppm) #CO2 in atmosphere February 26, 2018.

A City With Cars,

Not A City For Cars.

When you drive in circle looking for parking, you are not stuck in traffic; you are part of the traffic. Please join us to:

Reduce Traffic Congestion and reclaims the city streets for human life.

Reduce the CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

Build sustainable cities and communities

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